The membership of Nandi Kannada Koota is open to everyone who desirous of promoting and following its objectives and is residing in South Florida. Annual Membership Dues are payable by January 31st of each calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

Membership Fees
Life Membership  
Entire Family $300
Annual Membership  
Family $35
Single $20
Student $10
Note: The membership is classified as single, family and student. Family membership will consist of husband and/or wife and their dependent children under the age of twenty three. A student member must be a full time student and working towards a degree or Associate degree or diploma.

You can conveniently make electronic payment via PayPal:

Membership (+ Convenience fees)

Or You can mail a check along with the membership form:

Download PDF

Membership checks should be made payable to
“Nandi Kannada Koota of South Florida”
and mailed to
“14801 Archerhall St. Davie, FL 33331”.